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The saxophone sound has shaped the music of the 80s like no other instrument and still stands for great emotions and passion. Who hasn’t heard the distinctive sax sound of global hits such as Baker Street, Careless Whisper, Lily Was Here or the seductive tenor saxophone of Smooth Operator?
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Gerry Rafferty
Baker Street
Careless Whisper
George Michael
Careless Whisper
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David A. Stewart
Lily Was Here
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Smooth Operator
The saxophone’s distinctive sound remains a symbol of one’s youth, and playing the saxophone remains a long-cherished dream for many young-at-heart adults. It also represents smoky blues full of passion, noble high-energy funk, and emotional pop music like David Sanborn and Grover Washington.
david sanborn only everything
David Sanborn
Grover Washington
Grover Washington

Many hearts beat faster and for this instrument. There are enough reasons to do it now, and we are happy to help you. Below you will find out how to get started.

Vibrato on the saxophone

Vibrato is a refinement of the tone and makes long tones shine through its slight wave-like change in tone frequency. This frequency

Dynamics on the saxophone

The intensity and effect of dynamics gets under your skin… What can dynamics do and why do I need them?Dynamics can create

Saxophone Quick Start

1. Reed and mouthpiece assembly Lay the slightly moistened reed flat no the underside of the mouthpiece and match the shape of

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