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Saxophone Quick Start

1. Reed and mouthpiece assembly

start 1

Lay the slightly moistened reed flat no the underside of the mouthpiece and match the shape of the reed at the top of the shape of the edge of the mouthpiece.

start 2

Clamp the rounded shaft of the reed with your right thumb and carefuly slide the ligature over the tip of the mouthpiece.

start 3

Press the reed against the mouthpiece with your thumb, pull the ligature down over the rounded reed shaft and tighten the screws.


Slide the mouthpiece onto the cork of the saxbow with a slight twisting motion. The saxophone reed points down in the final position.

2. Approach, breathing and tongue technique

start 5

Set the incisors firmly 1cm from the tip of  the mouthpiece. Say the syllable Wee and pull  your upper and lower lips back slightly.

start 6

Maintaining Wee lip tension, lay the lower lip loosely against the sheet and close the mouth at the top and sides. The lower jaw remains loose.

The tongue strikes each note in the front part of the reed with a voiceless Düüü. The upper incisors always remain firmly anchored on the mouthpiece. To breathe, only open the corners of your mouth and your lower jaw from the side.

3. Plug and Play

3 bild

Insert the neck into the body with a slight twisting movement. The bracket of the S-bocal should be centered over the small pin on the body.

start 8

Attach the sax strap to the locking ring on the back of the body. Adjust the strap length so that the incisors on the mouthpiece rest comfortably.

start 9

Now place your left thumb on the flattened filling button and always keep contact with this important point of support and orientation.

start 10a

On the back in the lower third is the thumb hook for the right thumb. The weight is not on the thumb, but hangs on the strap.

4. The first grips with the left hand

4 bild scaled

English Version 

German Version

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