Daily warm up with Easy Major Scales
The easiest way learning saxophone in just 4 steps
Learn saxophone with daily warmups supported by your personal instructor

Easy Major Scales

Warm-up, workout and play along

Choose your saxophone

You get a motivational workout with exiting studies and play alongs for rhythm, articulation, finger technique and sound in 8 different keys. Developing from Part 1 up to Part 8 – each part for a different key you’ll reach a constantly increasing level.

To achieve this goal, we will show you how to tackle the exercises with ease.

Say goodbye to the fear of playing in any key up to 4 sharps or 4 flats. Get ready and let all songs you´re going to play from now on, sound more lively and professional, by mastering excellent finger technique, articulation, rhythm and sound.  

Our groovy drum and piano accompaniments will provide even more motivation and enjoyment while you’re practicing.

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