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Our songs composed specifically for saxophone are just waiting to be played by you.
Whether it’s pop, blues, Latin or reggae, there’s something for everyone.

What to expect?

  • Passionate gaming experience without compromise takes you to another level.
  • Chill, pop, soul, blues – something for everyone.
  • Here you will find a constantly growing repertoire in pop, blues, Latin, reggae and cool jazz numbers.
  • Ideal independent original keys for alto and tenor sax ensure smooth playing comfort.
  • Exquisite saxophone premium playbacks that pick you up, enchant, seduce and inspire you…”

What you get!

  • With heart & soul – immerse yourself in the rollercoaster of emotions!
  • Get on board, hang on, and play your heart out like you’ve never done before.
  • All the pieces are perfectly suited to the saxophone and highly playable.
  • The professional backing tracks provide joy and motivation, taking your performance to another level.
  • The sheet music for each song is available as a PDF for Alto or Tenor saxophone.
  • Additionally, you can also order chord accompaniment.

Das sagen unsere Kunden

Mit der Akkordbegleitung für Gitarre und Klavier, kann ich mit anderen zusammenspielen.

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Extra für Saxophon komponierte Lieder mit perfektem Studiosound wie aus dem Radio. 5 Sterne!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-05 um 16.09.57



Die Vielfalt der Songs ist  klasse! Je nach Stimmungslage der richtige Song zum Spielen.




Für mich als Einsteiger ganz schön tricky, aber mit den Büchern und dem Online Unterricht klappt´s!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-15 um 11.54.05



So macht Spielen Spaß! Super Sound und tolle Songs, die Lust auf mehr machen.




Why should I play and practice with Play Alongs?

Playing with Play Alongs

“With the Play-Alongs, you have a great template and a great goal – you want to sound just as good on your saxophone as the sax on the Play-Along. The best way to achieve that is by listening, playing along and imitating.

That’s exactly how all great saxophonists used to learn. Back then, there weren’t as many Play-Alongs to choose from as there are today.”

Saxophon Play Alongs

Old School

The record cabinet was opened, the favorite song was listened to over and over, recorded onto a cassette, and then the real work began. Phrase by phrase, it was listened to repeatedly, with attempts to play along and keep up. With headphones on, it starts: forward, backward, forward, backward, until the cassette player is smoking…

As you listen and play the song, and individual phrases, so much that it crawls into your head, your heart, and especially your saxophone. You hear more nuances, internalizing not just the right notes, but also the sound, phrasing, dynamics, and everything that goes with the song.


Listen up, play along and hang on

My first song back then was the jazz hit Mercy, Mercy Mercy by Joe Zawinul played by Cannonball Adderly on the alto saxophone. It is a legend and a milestone in music history.

Nowadays, it’s all much easier with the abundance of sheet music and play-alongs as well as digital technology – and you don’t ruin as many cassette recorders anymore :o).

However, the method remains the same:
listen, follow along, and play along. Keep your ears open and imitate as much as possible. Sound, phrasing, dynamics, and expressiveness – because that’s what makes a song a really good song.

Joe Zawinul
Cannonball Adderley
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