Saxophone Coaching

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Saxophone coaching
live & online

personal supervising professional and motivational  with fair conditions

  • for long-term planners with annual ticket
  • for mid-term planners with a clear  3-month plan
  • for short-term planners with 1-month power kit
sax cheap

Online Saxophonunterricht

Flexibel und kompetent zum fairen Preis

  • für Langzeitplaner mit Jahresticket
  • für Spontane mit 3-Monatsplan
  • für Senkrechtstarter mit Powerpaket
sax cheap

Annual ticket – bestseller

Get deeply connected with your saxophone

The cost-effective annual pass is designed for consistent long-term planners with a regularly weekly coaching system. Providing a total of 40 class units within 12 month it offers a relaxed and flexible lesson planning approach with one class per week. Regardless of regular holidays you are allowed to schedule your 12 weeks free time by yourself.

Your benefits:
  • Weekly 45-minute lessons within the 40-hour contingency plan at a fair and transparent price.
  • No hidden costs due to additional fees, no  chargeable and canceled lessons during official holiday periods.
  • Take your individual and personal chosen breaks from lessons, regardless of any statutory holidays or public holidays.
  • The amount of 52 annual weeks allows you to complete your 40 hours  program including your breaks relaxed and with no extra fee within 12 month.

10-month payment plan of €160 each for 40×45 minute lessons.
The 11th and 12th month are included in your assignable vacation allowance and are therefore without fee.

PowerKit 4x90 min.

Ready to take off!

The best solution for short time planners with a tight schedule and ambitious goals. A concentrated bunch of compact input pushes you to the next level. Ideal for clearing acute problems, preparing your upcoming performance or band project or like improvisation, pentatonic, blues, sound, breathing, rhythm or even supporting an actual project.

As Hotline
Before you give up playing your beloved saxophone because of struggling  somehow, the Power Pack brings you back on track. With lots of empathy we will fix the problems and you’ll get back to your playing with joy and confidence.

As Project Assistant
You’ve got to perform or want to set up a band project?  Bring in your charts or ideas and the PowerKit is there for you! Setting up the right rhythm for reading stuff as well as preparing some real burning improvisation.  You’ll get it and your amazing performance will convince anyone. For sure you’ll get a phone call for your next performance.

3 Month Plan

Get it clear and play with ease from now on.

The 3-month plan is perfect for tackling and mastering open issues and hidden weaknesses that keep causing you trouble while playing.

Well experienced over many years we can solve every problem with ease guiding you out of struggle on a smooth way. Come in for a treat and save a lot of time and money by searching on your own.

In only 3 months you will achieve a completely new playing experience with increased confidence, self-assurance, and enjoyment. So everyone will  take note marvelously of your amazing advanced progress .

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